Why do you need brand consulting?

The esports industry is full of noise -- only the highest-quality and best-prepared brands can make their voices heard. My process will help put your company above the rest.

Brand Identity

We discuss and hone how you want your company presented ― what you want people to think of when they think of your brand.

Intentional Communications

I'll work with you to build your full communications plan, from social media to corporate interactions, around that brand identity.

Surpassing the Competition

Use my innovative research on organizations and branding to learn what your competitors are ― and aren't ― doing, and how you can use that to your advantage when talking with sponsors and investors.

Esports is a highly volatile market. Brands are growing and dying at incredible rates as the industry shifts and adapts to outside forces. In the past decade, several brands have emerged on top, largely through impressive follower count and top competitive finishes in the professional field.


It will not always be that way.


The industry is reaching a scale in which number of fans and competitive placement is insufficient for survival. Players in top titles are making millions in salary, and sponsors are eager to attach themselves to the highest-profile performers. Yet, in an increasingly corporatized environment, concepts like brand identity are coming to the fore as businesses seek the most stable and professional organizations to represent them.

This is where Parse Esports Consulting comes in. With my 10+ years of experience in competitive gaming, esports management, organizational leadership, public relations, and branding, I can help your company achieve stability and consistency in branding, communications, and business operations.

Meet the creator

This may be a one-man-shop, but my experience speaks for itself.
Collin Ruud

Collin Ruud

Founder and CEO

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, and over 10 years experience as a competitive gamer, esports company manager, PR head, and Chief Brand Officer.


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